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this game is so sweet and very beautiful!

Atmosphere was beautiful, story was touching although I'm not sure if I entirely understand what is going on. 

This was adorable. I love how unique the world looks!

Very fun and cute little story! The end tho...

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I don't love this game.

This game was like a weird drug trip, but its was really cool. The style was nice and the voices of the characters fit in really well. There were a lot of quality choices made in the development of this game, and I really enjoyed it. 

It had an interesting story and was easy to navigate. I enjoyed playing it and it was short. I liked the art style.

hmm hi, i'm Braziliam and i like your game, you have futere man :)

This game's graphics are beautiful.

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My sleep deprived brain forgot to process the game description and I didn't realize what was happening till the end. 

10/10 will go on a psychedelic emotional trip again!

idk this game is

Mom died? :(


yes and no, she died but she is now a part of the world^^

Great little adventure, I like the art work it was nice.

This game was very interesting! I loved the art design and music. This game was well put together in the time constraints given.


The time has come when you need to be close to your mother. You need to keep up.


Well, that was one great little adventure. I thought the graphics were pretty neat, the story line was cool and I liked the overall landscape as well, complete alien landscape. The faze effect on the distance was pretty neat as well and that background audio. woaah. I think it could have been longer but we all know how much time it takes to put in developing a game.

You guys did really well.




Hey, thanks for playing our game! nice to hear that you enjoy it^^